Welcome to our online School of Evangelization. As a grassroots non-profit evangelization apostolate we are constantly improving our online courses & modules. Your support helps us bring new resources to our member site. Below you will find complete training courses in the New Evangelization and monthly updates with practical tips & tools for you to use. Note: You can go to the homepage of a course at any time by clicking on the course title in the “side bar”.

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Online Course: Basic Evangelization Training

Basic Evangelization Training is our flagship course at St. Paul Street Evangelization. We strongly encourage all members to take this course either in a live setting or using the online course below. You earn basic certification after completing this course.

Enroll: Basic Evangelization Training – Third Edition

Online Course: Evangelical Apologetics

Our second course helps evangelists through key questions and answers about the Catholic faith, while looking at how Catholics throughout history approached apologetics. Apologetics is an opportunity to accompany someone into a life of discipleship. You earn intermediate certification after completing this course.

Enroll: Evangelical Apologetics

Online Course: Catholic Catechism Course

Our third course is the Father John Hardon Basic Catholic Catechism Course. The is a comprehensive home study course for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith.

Enroll: Catholic Catechism Course

Online Course: SENT (Videos)

SENT: Practical Evangelization in a Modern Culture is an online video course with experts in various fields of Catholic theology and evangelization. This is a more general overview of the many topics that our evangelists are concerned with, such as testimony and sharing the story of salvation.

Enroll: SENT: Practical Evangelization in a Modern Culture

Leadership Training Institute (Videos)

The Leadership Training Institute is a summer institute for members of SPSE that wish to become more actively involved as Regional Missionaries. The next LTI is planned for August 9-12, 2018.

Supplement: Leadership Training Institute Videos

Healing in Evangelization Workshop (Videos)

The Healing in Evangelization Workshop is held throughout the country and several times a year at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat House in Bloomington, Indiana.

Baltimore Catechism Course (Audio Series)

Supplement: A Complete Catechism Course (Audio)

Aquinas – Catechetical  Instructions

Supplement: The Catechetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas

Live Training Video Modules

Evangelization Formation Series

Perfect for teams to give out on a monthly basis to their members as a simple and short formation series.

Exclusive Video Modules

  1. Conversational Evangelization with Steve Dawson & Adam Janke
  2. Prayer & the Evangelist with Sister Anne Shields S.G.L. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  3. The 2014 Gala Planting the Seeds of Faith – with Steve Dawson
  4. The 2014 Gala The Call to Holiness – with Christa Lopiccolo
  5. The 2014 Gala The New Evangelization – with Fr. Ben Luedtke
  6. Why be Catholic? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  7. Why go to Mass? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  8. The Best Version of Yourself – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  9. Q&A 1 How can pastors encourage parishioners to be intentional disciples? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  10. Q&A 2 Why is joy important for Evangelization? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  11. Q&A 3 How can you take practical steps to evangelize? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  12. Q&A 4 Why is Peter the first pope? – with Fr. Mark Rutherford
  13. The Kerygma – with Fr. Mark Rutherford