Yes, There is a God


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How many times have you wanted to convey to someone the joy and excitement of the basic gospel message—but stumbled in the process? Here is a book that explains the kerygma—the proclamation of the gospel—in a simple way. Dr. Bergsma, a professor at Franciscan University and noted biblical scholar, uses both words and illustrations to tell the story of the Bible. In this short book, he brings the gospel to life for believers and nonbelievers alike.

Dr. Bergsma is a member of the SPSE Board of Advisers and one of our evangelists.

Note on Prices: These books are sold here at a heavily discounted bulk price because they are intended for mass distribution, preferably in the context of evangelization.

These books are not for resale, and are intended to be given away for free, at no charge.  Please DO NOT order these books to sell.

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