Basic Evangelization Training is one of the most effective short courses on evangelization in the Church today. Catholics who have taken the course and applied the tools and methods found within have shared the Gospel with tens of thousands of people. Like the Parable of the Sower, thousands have responded and have had a conversion experience. This training is for all Catholics, not just street evangelists.

“I grew up going to Mass at [ local Catholic Parish ]. I know I should go. Seeing you here today has given me the courage to go back Mass. I’ll see you Sunday morning”. Person from the Street

“I love you guys, because I always saw Catholics as “non-evangelizing” I also saw evangelization as nothing more than scare tactics from Protestants. You’ve thrown both misconceptions out the window. Thank you.” Person from the Street

“God put you here today for me. I just got finished cussing out God and I know you are here because of what I did. I was about to commit suicide – everything in my life turned upside down on me – and I feel life is not worth living anymore.” Person from the Street

“Thank God you were here today. You were just what I needed to see. I have been struggling with going to Church and with my belief in God for a long time. You helped me restore my faith in God.” Person from the Street

“What a boost to my soul!” Training Participant

“Dear SPSE, I started the online training and I have not been this excited and passionate about sharing the Gospel. I feel like I am on fire! I want to just go out and tell everyone about the Good News.” Training Participant


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