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Welcome to the Partner’s Store!

The prices in this store are subsidized by supporting partner donations. There is also free shipping on everything. Since these prices are subsidized by donations, this store is for supporting partners only.

Become a supporting partner today to access the store.

Supporting Members have access to a variety of different resources at the lowest possible prices. If you would like details on any item, please contact us at or 657-777-2963. Shipping costs on all items are included in the suggested donation amount.

Note on Pamphlets: We offer shipping of pamphlets as a service to our teams. It may be more economical for our teams to have our pamphlets printed for free at their local parish, or to print what they need on their home printer. If you plan on printing large numbers of pamphlets on your home printer, it will be cheaper for you to purchase them from us (ink and toner are expensive). Our pamphlets may be downloaded for free printing from our Members Area.

Note on CDs: We offer to duplicate CDs for our teams as a service. You may duplicate these CD’s yourself but unless your team has a CD duplicator machine, it probably makes more sense to get them from us. We provide labels and sleeves with the CDs but teams will need to put the labels on the CDs and put them in the sleeves themselves.

Note on Rosaries: Rosaries are donated to us from Rosary making groups for free, and as such, we offer them to our teams at no charge. The listed sale price covers shipping and handling costs. Rosaries are usually hand made mission rosaries with plastic beads and crucifix. Colors vary. Rosaries are not blessed. Each team can get a maximum of one pack (300 rosaries approx.) per month.

If you do not want to pay online you may pay over the phone by calling  248-565-8468.


45-day return policy. You have a full 45 days from the date of purchase to return our products for a refund for any reason whatsoever. Returned items must be returned in the same condition that they were received. You will receive a full refund less a 20% restocking fee on all returns. Special bulk orders may not be returned.


We will refund items that have manufacturers defects up to 3 months after purchase. Please note that bulk medals are for mass distribution and may tarnish over time. If bulk medals are worn against the skin, finish and silver plating may eventually wear away. These effects are not covered under warranty.


Most orders ship within 24 business hours and will arrive within 2-5 business days. A minority of orders may take up to 10 days to arrive. If you need faster shipping, please contact us by telephone. We do accommodate international shipping on a case by case basis. Please contact the office for more information.


Orders may be cancelled before the order has shipped. Once the order has shipped, the return policy above applies. Special order items cannot be cancelled once produced or shipped from our manufacturer.


Under IRS rules, “If you receive a benefit as a result of making a contribution to a qualified organization, you can deduct only the amount of your contribution that is more than the value of the benefit you receive. However, “certain membership benefits can be disregarded. Both you and the organization can disregard the following membership benefits if you get them in return for an annual payment of $75 or less. 1. Any rights or privileges … that you can use frequently while you are a member, such as:

a. Free or discounted admission to the organization’s facilities or events, … and d. Discounts on the purchase of goods and services.”

While we suggest a donation of $15 a month or $180 per year from all of our Supporting Partners, a Partner’s Membership becomes active if they provide either a monthly donation of $10 or more (without commitment), or $75 in a year, whichever comes first. As a All Partners who also have active Memberships qualify for access to our discounted prices found in our Members Only store.

As such, all Partner pledges are 100% tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Street Evangelization Starter Pack
Advertising Materials
Audio CDs & Rosaries
Holy Cards
Holy Medals
Holy Rivals Club
Pamphlets (full color)
Pamphlets (Spanish)
St. Paul Street Evangelization Sign

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