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Pope Francis has called all of us to become missionary disciples. Our School of Evangelization has online courses and short modules to help you become a great one. Our brand new “Basic Evangelization Training” will track your progress as you go through topics including “Introduction to the New Evangelization” and “Praying with Others.” You’ll also learn how to give your testimony and share the story of salvation. Online training is not a substitute for our hands on workshops, but it is a great place to start and refer back to. We will be adding new courses soon as we grow as an apostolate!



As a grassroots Catholic apostolate we are constantly adding new resources for our 110+ teams nationwide. It is up to each team to decide what resources best fit their area and to use them to evangelize. Whether you are doing street ministry, campus ministry, door to door evangelization, or are just putting up a table at your parish festival, these resources will equip you with everything you need so you spend less time preparing and more time evangelizing.



One of the best resources we have include 25 printable tracts, written by experts and approved by the Catholic Church. These are always available for all of our members to download and make copies – just be sure you are following our copy guidelines. We have huge plans for even more great publications starting this year and we can’t wait to announce them to you! This is where you will find everything we have available, including our audio CDs from speakers such as Dr. Scott Hahn.



This is our Supporting Member Only Store. As a big thank you for helping us keep our ministry going we are happy to provide you with all of the evangelization materials we use shipped directly to you at the lowest cost possible. All amounts are suggested donations and we never charge anything for shipping. You must be a supporting member in order to use this store. If you aren’t a supporting member yet, you can sign up today as one and start using the store immediately, or you can use our public store.

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