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The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is the “sure norm for teaching the faith” (John Paul II) states that “lay people also fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization, ‘that is, the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life.’ For lay people, ‘this evangelization acquires a specific property and peculiar efficacy because it is accomplished in the ordinary circumstances of the world.'” (CCC 905) The training that you are about to take part in is very practical. It is meant to be simple to use and easy to complete. We know we cannot cover everything in one training course, so we will continue to add resources to our training website over time. The training is written and edited by professional catechists.

You probably have questions like: “Can I really do this?” “How can I best be effective when I evangelize in the street?” “Won’t nervousness get the best of me?” “What do I do when people want to argue with me?” The primary training section teaches us about the mission of the Church to evangelize the nations and how we fit into that as a lay apostolate. We cover extensively how to work with people you have never met before and how to quickly and effectively share the faith through your own joyful witness. Training also ensures that all SPSE local chapters are following all of the same standards of ministry and are meeting the needs of ministry in our cities in a similar way.


  • To become competent in the language of the Church, especially in regards to the New Evangelization.
  • To be aware of our own witness and spirituality.
  • To learn how to effectively and quickly share the faith with those we meet.
  • To learn one minute answers to common Catholic questions and how to avoid heated debates.
  • To learn how to deal effectively with difficult situations.

Certificate Levels

These certification standards have been approved and adopted by the National Board of Directors.

  • Basic Certification – Earned by completing Basic Evangelization Training and passing the exam with an 70% or better, by completing the full two day live training course with an approved instructor, or by completing the Teen Encounter Evangelization Live Workshop.
  • Intermediate Certification – Earned by completing and passing both Basic Evangelization Training & Evangelical Apologetics, reading at least 6 Evangelism Formation Series brochures, and providing evidence submitted by your group coordinator that you have participated in street evangelization at least 6 times.
  • Advanced Certification – Earned by completing Basic Evangelization Training, Evangelical Apologetics, Team Leader Training, all Evangelization Formation Series brochures, having participated in street evangelization at least 10 times, writing a report about your field work, and having your local coordinator sign off on your report with his or her recommendation. Members earning advanced certification will have their achievement posted on our website.
  • Master Evangelist – Goals for the Master Evangelist level are still being prepared and include the approval of our National Director and board of directors.

Basic Evangelization Training

  1. Overview of the Course & Goals
  2. Introduction to the New Evangelization – Part 1
  3. Introduction to the New Evangelization – Part 2
  4. The Journey of Discipleship: Thresholds
  5. Prayer of Consecration to Jesus Christ
  6. The Spiritual Life of the Evangelist
  7. Basic Etiquette for the Evangelist
  8. Sharing the Story of Salvation
  9. How to Share Your Personal Testimony
  10. Practical Apologetics – Part 1
  11. Practical Apologetics – Part 2
  12. Prayer & The Evangelist
  13. Putting It All Together
  14. Certification Exam

Course 2 – Basic Apologetics

  • Intro: The Case for Apologetics in Evangelization
  • God Says Hi: Responses to Atheism & Relativism
  • Heaven Meets Earth: The Eucharist
  • Where is that in the Bible? The Bible, Tradition, and the Canon
  • The Pope There Is: Apostolic Authority
  • Saying Yes to the Mother of God: Marian Doctrines
  • When People do Evil Things: Scandals in the Church
  • Momento Mori: Purgatory and Last Things
  • Running the Race: Salvation
  • Other Stuff: Other Common Questions